From Frustration To Fulfilment

“Is this it”? 

How many times have you found yourself asking that very same question? 

Have you ever felt like you’re just going through the motions of your life, and not truly living or loving it? Think about it for a while and ask yourself the question - “am I living a truly fulfilled life?” 

I know I certainly wasn’t not so long ago. 


Living a Half Life Is No Life At All

I’d fallen out of love with my corporate job and felt like I was going through the motions. Yes I had an OK job. Yes I had some flexibility around my children. And yes I felt like I had nothing really to complain about. Life was OK. 

But since when was OK good enough? 

Did I truly love what I was doing? Did I wake up and want to leap out of bed with excitement each morning? Did I believe I was living my dream life? 

Hell no!!! 

I felt like I was hurtling towards the big ‘four-oh’ and that if I didn’t change anything, nothing would change. I didn’t have a clue what I wanted from my life though. I knew I wanted, needed, had to change direction but had no clue where to start! 


Be More, Do More, Have More

I was beginning to realise that I’d had 3 kids, got married, worked my way up (and back down again) the career ladder and done everything that’s expected of us. But what about who I was? What about what my passions were? What about not just existing through life but truly living and loving it?! 

I knew, deep down, that I had higher expectations of myself. That I wanted to be more, do more and have more for my family. That, without a shadow of a doubt, I wanted to be on my death bed with a big smile on my face saying ‘yep, that was a hell of a life, I gave it my all and life gave back!’

I was sick and tired of thinking “is this it?”. A half life is really not much of a life at all, is it?


I'm Worth More Than This

To top it all off I had the boss from hell too. He consistently made me feel rubbish about myself, he chipped away at my professionalism and and self confidence. He would frequently criticise me in front of large audiences. One day, after a meeting with him made me walk (stomp!) out of the room with my ears steaming, trying to stop the angry tears from falling, I knew something had to change. 

I was better than this! I was worth more than this! I didn’t have to put up with this! 

I discovered personal development books and devoured them. Who even knew that by learning and growing you could put yourself back together again, rediscover your self worth and find a way through the challenges and obstacles life puts in our way? (It only puts them there to test our mettle, believe me!) 

Living With Passion, Purpose & Potential

I worked with a coach and a mentor and began to piece back together who I truly am. I worked out what my purpose is in life and learned what my highest values are. 

I discovered my passions and am now living out my potential. 

Once I’d been on that journey of discovery (which continues to this day and will never end!) I had the new found self confidence to know I am absolutely worth a million times more than my horrible boss would have me believe. 

Walking into the office and handing in my notice felt amazing. 

I had nothing else to go to. My self belief had grown to the extent that I knew I couldn't stay there a moment longer and that something better was around the corner for me.

And it was. It was the real me. 


From "Is This It?" To "THIS IS IT!!"

Having found what’s truly important to me (and hey, who knew it wasn’t working for an idiot who made me feel crap?!), living out my passion and purpose (helping other women find their own fulfillment) has made me know that I will now have zero death bed regrets. (Who wants those anyway?)

Never again would I think “is this it?”. A resounding “THIS IS IT!” from me all the way! 

We have one very precious life to live and I intend to live it to the best of my ability. This isn’t a practice life or a dress rehearsal. This is it! Our one chance! 

So I encourage you to ask yourself the question “am I living a truly fulfilled life?” (whatever fulfilment looks like to you).

If something is standing in your way then I’m here to help you break down those barriers. 

By learning what is of utmost importance to you (yes YOU, no one else, YOU!) you can (re)discover your passion, find your purpose and unlock your amazing potential. You too can love the life you’re living. You can thrive. You can create a life you love! You can find fulfillment! 

Now, wouldn’t that feel amazing?! 

And I can help you. Because I’ve walked the walk. 

With much love, 

Lou x